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Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello, I've been absent for a while due to a little winter holiday. But now I'm back again! And as you might have expected I planned to talk about DIR EN GREY's latest single 「輪郭」(RINKAKU, meaning "contours" or "outlines"). I picked AirMail but due to the Holidays it took extra time to receive it. It was released on the 19th of December 2012, but I didn't get my copy until the 2nd of January 2013. And it was a really long and hard wait, I decided not to listen to it until I got my own copy so I had to contain myself haha.

I got the deluxe limited edition of the single. it also included a poster but since I don't have ny more room for posters on my walls I have a few DIR EN GREY posters still in their original wrapping.

(Really bad picture)

But this what was featured in the deluxe limited edition of the single.
Booklet, sticker, postcard, DVD and a CD.

What you see when you open it, the booklet contained lyrics, some photos and a few words from each band member.


Booklet, sticker and postcard.

DVD and CD.
The DVD features some behind the scens recording and thirteen songs form their symphonic live 
"TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Ratio ducat, non fortuna 2011.11.11 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL"

Inside the photobook.

My favorite photo from the photoshoot.

The artwork for 輪郭, when I first saw it I had some mixed feelings. I didn't get the professional feeling that they usually give me. But it was later reviled that the artwork is drawn by 京 himself. He usually don't like overseas tours so he usually spends his time in the tour bus whilst the others might be out doing other things on their time off. So 京 spend some time drawing, though this particulate image was drawn when he was back in Japan. 

A close-up of the sticker.

Since the PV doesn't feature the full length of the song I decided to add a video with a translation instead. This is probably my favorite DIR EN GREY single so far, not really sure but it's in the top (along with DIFFERENT SENSE, DOZING GREEN and 朔-saku-)

And I'll just try to write a few words about the song featured on the single, I'm not planning to do a proper review, but just a few words of my personal thoughts of it. 

I remember that I had to lay down and close my eyes when I played it, this song was a great surprise to me. it really shows how much DIR EN GREY has matured as a band, the title track 輪郭 is very eerie, atmospheric, compact and controlled song that opens up with a macabre yet beautiful piano. The song delivers it parts of heavy, melodic and progressive segments as well. 京's vocals are mostly in a the higher registrer with a falsetto styled singing which feels very fresh, and I might think it will appeal to a wider audience than their three latest albums does, but as well as for fans of their newer material. The atmosphere of the song is overall very layered and heavy, but 京's vocals brings a brilliant contrast that really ties it all together. 
(There's not even a single growl in the song!)

霧と繭 (Kiri to Mayu) is a remake of DIR EN GREY's first song by the same name featured on the 1997 EP "MISSA", this song had a complete make over, it's not as straight forward as the remakes of "OBSCURE" or "undecided", but a combination of "蜜と唾" and "DECAYED CROW", one of their heaviest songs yet that shows what a beast 京 really is when it comes to growl, if you missed the growls from 輪郭 this will leave you more than satisfied.

The final song of the single is "輪郭 Eternal Slumber Mix (Remixed by Akira Yamaoka)" and as the name reviles it's a remix by Akira Yamaoka. For you who does't know who that is he's a composer that has worked mainly with the video game company Konami, most notable the Silent Hill-series. And he also happens to be one of my favorite composers when it comes to video game music and by listening to his works (especially the soundtrack to Silent Hill 2) you know he's the right man for the job. He gave 輪郭 a slower but even more eerie and haunting sound that it already had, it's the "worst" song on the single but it's still a 5/5-song.

And for those who hasn't heard the song yet I would recommend purchasing it right away, and I think it will surprise any fan of Dir en grey, even those who "liked the old Dir en grey".  I realised it might take forever if I go on and start talking about the DVD, but I can say that it's one of my favorite lives I've seen or heard by Dir en grey, the symphonic versions of the songs are heart breaking.

And for you who has heard the single, what are your thought?


  1. I thought it's the best thing they've done in a while. And I was actually a bit amazed by how catchy it is, their newer material haven't had any true earworms but this one's been stuck in my head for the longest time. As for Kiri to Mayu, I've never cared for these remakes that have almost no resemblance to the originals so I didn't like this one either. I was actually a bit disappointed because after hearing the guitar riff in the beginning I thought the song is gonna be recognizable but then it just became a hot mess. I don't think I've even bothered to listen to the remix of Rinkaku more than once so no opinion on that one. So the single is like love-hate-meh for me.

  2. crying rainbows.. is what I'm doing

  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?9ozkm5s8k1mt6wt

    THE UNRAVELING - full song (from japanese radio)