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Monday, February 18, 2013

CXXXVII ·【SPONSORED】review「brown」


I got contacted by a new sponsor called Solution-lens.com who asked me if I wanted a pair of free lenses for review and I said yes. First off I want to clear that this is an honest review of my experience with this company and lenses, feel free to share your stories with other companies if you have any!

I got to pick two pair of lenses and they would send me one of these two, I requested a pair of blue and grey lenses. I was unsure at first since they told me that they don't have any prescription lenses, but I figured what the hell and said yes anyway. I got the lenses pretty fast, so nothing to complain about there but when I opened the package it was none of the lenses, the lenses was brown. (I ordered GEO XTRA SIZE NATURAL WMI-245 GREY) But I received the  GEO XTRA SIZE NATURAL WMI-244 BROWN instead.

But mistakes happen right? So before making a review I took pictures of the product I received and told them about it, since I'm going to be honest in my reviews it would give a bad impression of them. So I told them the story and what I got in reply was "Thank you for your message. Please review this product", so there was no "Sorry for the mistake, we will send you the right pair" or even a "sorry" for sending the wrong product which I think was a little bit rude to be honest.

So that's my experience with this company, have any of you had any problems with the same company?


Pictures are taken with flash, and as you can see they enlarge very well.

I tried to take a close up picture but I got the focus on my eyebrows by mistake. But as you can see if you naturally have brown eyes these lenses gives a very natural (and enlarged) look. If you're a fan of brown lenses I would really recommend these!

Design · 4/5 | Enlargement · 5/5 | Comfort · 4/5 | Overall · 4/5

Design · A very natural looking brown lens, except from the black outlining. (I have brown eyes myself)
Enlargement · 15mm, so the enlargement of these are outstanding.
Comfort · Soft and very lean, comfortable to wear.


  1. You are funny, you get something for free, you publish 5 lines about it (do you call this a review or just "I get rid quickly of this work that I am not able to do well"), and you still dare to complain hahaha

    1. I'm not surprised that such a retarded comment would come from somebody who's anonymous.

      First of all, have you ever heard about advertising? I get a product from them, to write about them. My blog generates trafic and thus making their company visible for a wider audience. And for the price of ~ $20 I AM the one that's actually doing THEM a favor, lenses obviously costs less than their selling them for so their making a huge profit of me in this case.

      And, what people want to know is how the lenses LOOK like and how they FEEL. And You can clearly see what they look like in the picture and I wrote that they felt nice and comfortable. And I guess that I could also write that they're ophthalmologists certified, they contain 38-42% water and the base curve is 8.7.

      BUT, nobody cares about that, and if they do it's stated on the site that sells the lenses so there's no point in my writing it down since it's in no interest to the reader. And the picture of the lenses and what I wrote describes them well. I don't need to write how "perfect for school days and a summer night out with friends".

      And I complain if there's things to complain about, if you read my previous reviews you'll see I have very positive reviews of other sites. I'm not going to lie to my readers if I'm not satisfied about something. In fact, I just wrote my experience with the company to share it, and this time it happens to be a bit more on the negative side.

      So, I don't get anything for free. If I would get them for free I wouldn't have mentioned them in my blog. But now I've made a review for them giving them publicity. So until next time, please think before writing such obnoxious bullshit. If you wouldn't dare writing it with your own name, don't write at all.

      Have a nice day.

  2. thank you for honest review. I´ve been looking for brown lenses for a while and comparing reviews. Judging from the pic those lenses seem to have a quite good enlargement effect. I think I´m going to google more about them. Thank you! It´s pity you got it in the wrong color, but I guess I was kinda lucky about this.

    1. You're welcome!
      The lenses are great, but I they're not available with correction from this site.
      But the lenses themselves are really nice, gives you the enlargement effect without looking to "crazy" !

  3. HUMM... the lenses are nice,, but seriously i feel like you reviewed the shop not the lenses. hahaha

    Good lenses anyway and i have to accept that they have a good promotion

    1. Yes, by it's done like that intentionally, I do that everytime it's a new shop to give people my impression of different shops.
      You can purchase the same lenses from most shops for about the same amount of money so people seem more concern about what shops that are good.

      Whilst the lenses are just lenses. You can only describe how they look and feel, that's what people want to know. The other things about the lenses like base curve and water percentage is usually not something people care about, and if they do it always says it on the site. And it's just facts so it doesn't need my "reviewing" since there's nothing to review.

      I hope this gives you a better understanding of my reviews from now on!

  4. Lol it's like people are offended that you told about the shop's mistake. Not saying they're prone to do these kinda mistakes (never ordered from them) but let's say they were, and you didn't mention what they did and people would order from them and get the wrong lenses. That just wouldn't be cool and I think it's good you put it in your review. To me it sounds like some real shitty customer service, even if you got them for "free".

    But anyway, the lenses look really pretty! Think they'd work great for more natural looks.

    1. Yes, exactly. When I review or "promote" something to my readers I like to be as objective as possible to give people a heads up if it's bad customer service. And if it's good customer service I would write that too so I don't see why people would get all pissed. I'm doing them a favor.

      Yes, they're really nice and give a natural look! Especially if you have brown eyes.

  5. "Thank you for your message. Please review this product"

    they really not say sorry? they replied you with this short message? so bad if they reply you like this.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I like that you share your feelings about this shop but about reviewing the product, you are not so much professional.

    When i read the review for each shop, i expect to know a lot about the service, packaging, shipping and of course the product. Sorry, if you have a bad impression about them but you should separate your emotions from your job.

    1. Yes, it was that short of a message (Except for one sentence extra regarding my question if they had any lenses with correction).

      To be honest I don't know what more I could actually tell about the lenses from a reviewer perspective. (Feel free to give me pointers). I want to be as effective as possible when writing them, I present good pictures of the lens design and a few words about them.

      The pictures speaks for themselves, so there's no point in my going into a deep analysis of the coloring and design used since it's obvious in the picture what it looks like. And as for comfort there's not that much to say. I could write a paragraph of how they feel, but it all comes down to "they feel good" or "they don't feel good" in the end. That's why I don't write more than necessary - since it's a waste of time for me and my readers and doesn't contribute anything of value.
      And things like base curve or water content has neve concerned me and I doubt most readers wouldn't care about it either. If they think the lenses looks interesting they will look at them in the shop and then they'll get all the information there.

      That's how I have chosen to do my reviews, and I beliebe it's an effective way. (I know from myself that I don't bother reading if it's a wall of text, after all they're just lenses).

      And for the shop part I believe my emotions are crucial for my review, since it's a review of my personal experience with this specific shop. For me a good communication and customer service is very important, how they treat their customers, and that will effect my emotions no matter what. So there's no way to make a review without putting my emotions in to it.

      I would bring up the packing if it was a bad one, but if I get it in a box or an envelope doesn't really matter to me. I assume they would use bubble wrap or a padded envelop for the shipping of the lenses, and I usually ask them how long it would take. If it's DHL or EMS doesn't matter to me since the product is sponsored and I don't pay anything, it's just the arrival time that matters. And I use drop a line if they were fast or not.

      I hope this give you a better understanding of my way of reviewing!