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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I don't think I've ever made an "outfit only"-post before, so I guess now is a good time as ever. 
The first thing that struck me was that I don't really know what to write, since the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. 
But I've been experimenting a bit, like having my hair divided in the middle (which I've never done before) and I also got a little more interested in face contouring, which isn't really visible now except for the nose.

Today also happens to be the birthday of the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash, thank you for everything you've done.
And here's an all black outfit from me, I hope you like it!

I guess my major style influence comes from Toshiya of DIR EN GREY, been a fan of draped clothing for a few years and it really took off when I saw him perform in more asymmetrical and draped clothing in the late 2009. I want to get new boots though, my engineer boots are pretty low cut and I want to get a pair with a higher shaft.

But there has of course been other people/designers/brands that has inspired me as well, especially Rick Owens. 
But I've also come to really like JULIUS_7, Boris Bidjan Saberi and THE VIRIDI-ANNE.

I guess all posts need a face picture, so here's one, kinda hahaha.

I got the "idea" of a big hat after watching a PV of MEJIBRAY, and I've been really in a "hat mood" recently, hats are easy since you don't need to do your hair. 

Shoes: Rakuten | Bottom: Rakuten | Top: Deepstyle  | Scarf:  Deepstyle | Accessories: Spirit Store

What do you think of my outfit? Or any cool brands you think I should check out?
As I said I'm really into draped clothing, so I want to know what is your current "fashion obsession" is!
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, take care!

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  1. looks so comfy and waaarm <3 And OMG the hat <3 <3

    1. Thanks! Haha, but it was actually a bit cold haha, but it's super comfy!

  2. I am in love with this outfit! Makes me want to pull out my old draped clothing aaaahhhhh

  3. I really like your outfit! Draped clothing is amazing when done right, and it suits you really well!
    Not too sure about the brands unfortunately!

    And my current obsession is rhinestones, agejo-clothing and hair, thigh-high boots, open back-shirts and blackxpink color combo!

    1. Thank you!
      I kinda like the blackxpink-combo myself. (Watched "Grease" recently haha)

  4. Great aesthetic, black draping a bit on the shapeless side is my favorite.
    You pull it off well!

  5. Love the drapes and different textures, looks good on you :D

  6. It looks really very good!
    This is the perfect proof that all-black-Outfits are not boring at all!

    1. I think black is the only color that works really well with itself (an outfit thats all in black), at least for me! Thx :3

  7. I really really love your outfit!! It is really cool and special! *_*;

  8. black black black so cool. love it ! :D

  9. really like it. especially because it has this toshiya touch
    btw send you a friendrequest in fb

    1. Thank you!
      Oh, gonna check, I get a lot of friend requests so I might sometimes forget to accept some

  10. You have a nice style. But why cover your face?

    1. It's covered because my outfit looks like that, it's a part of the outfit!

  11. Hello Davy !
    It's been a while since a didn't comment here, but it's very rare you do an outfit post so i decided to give my opinion about you look! =D
    First of all, i'm not a huge fan of all-black look~ sure, it always look good and it's very dificult to go wrong with it, but imo, i think it's sometimes an excuse to show something not very original but "oh so classy because in all black", you know ? However, I think it's not your case because you seem to have put some efforts in bringing some interesting pieces quite unusual in menswear (...but more widespread in visual-kei trend (?)). I think it could be more interesting if you had bring some different textures, like leather for example (maybe in the hang of your shirt) ? As i said, i like the fact that you don't follow 'mainstream' fashion, and that's why i like to read your blog (but PLEASE, do more outfit posts !! ='DD), but sometimes i think you're too close of some of the looks of your favorite inspiration (mostly from Visual Kei scene it seems) and that's why i find there is some kind of 'redo' in your look compared to what i see of it (= visual kei scene look) ; but hey, it's up to you to wear what you want, so in the end, wear what makes you feel good ! =')

    About my current obsessions... as a fashion student i could say they are EVERYWHERE !! However, and I know this may sound snub (< you know, french people... LOL), but i REALLY can't stand the idea of searching style inspiration from pinterest, lookbook or i don't know other place (they're so many, now !) were everyone think being "oh so different" but who globally all look the same in those kind of hipster-grunge-granny-shitty-look. ..in fact, i think i don't like those kind of places when anyone expose 'his/her' style because most of the time, they don't [in my opinion] show anything interesting, and there is always 100 other people who have the same look~ so BORING....... This also makes me realize that we are in a world were fashion is more globalized then before, in a good (when i discovered gyaru), and in a bad way (people wearing the same clothes and having the same trends almost all-over the world....).
    It's sad to say that, but for me, those 'fashion places' are the last ones where you can get fresh ideas to get some new and interesting style inspiration, and that's also why I don't have facebook-twitter to keep my head 'self clean' without useless web occupation, mostly consisting of being always blabla-ting with all kind of people (i should get my tv into the trash soon, too ! lol)

    Personally, i think searching inspiration and fresh air in music, books, music or movie way more interesting and pertinent . At this moment, i'm litterally obsessed with Claude, the -fascinating- main character of the (french) movie "Dans la Maison". An another time before, i've been inspired by the mess of my room : the way some kind of harmony -somewhat artistic- appeared in this chaotic amont of clothes all over this place was quite intriguing.. "Ordo ab Chao" i'd say !!! hehe !!
    Really, inspiration can be everywhere... ;-)

    Oh god... my post is TOO LONG ! ...yeah, i tend to talk to much when it's about fashion ! xD
    As a french, my english may sound not very well, so sorry... but i just would to share my opinion with you ;-)
    I hope you're going to do more outfit post and above of all : POST MORE, please !!! x33

    Bon baisers de Paris~ ;-3

    1. Thank you for your long comment! It's really nice to see somebody write a little, I enjoy the little things but this was a really nice surprise!

      Yes, I feel the same that I might be a bit repetitive. But my main hold back when it come to fashion is the money haha, but I looove leather. Right now I'm very into lamb, but it's also expensive. But looks great.

      I agree on the fact that the globalisation of fashion might make people look a like, but I'm always trying to mix it and push it in my own direction. I think it's really boring when you see somebody with an "alternative style" but the outfit is just some magazine copy, for me style is all about creating and mixing. I myself takes inspiration and ideas from everything and mix it together.
      But obviously there will be some things that are more dominant, like Dir en grey. Kyo and Toshiya are my main inspiration when it comes to clothing, both in the same band but very different fashion wise.

      I had no trouble with your English at all, and I'm looking forward to more comments in the future, take care!

  12. -runs to Deepstyle-
    Where/Whatever that is.. I'm going now! Draping draping draping! YES YES YES!

  13. You look amazing! Such an inspiring look :) good-looking too, as always. Cheers

    1. Thank you so much, I'm very glad to hear that, cheers!

  14. I love this outfit, and you look very good also. You look like some fictional character, I'm not sure who... but someone who's cool :D