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Thursday, March 14, 2013


This is my second pair of lenses from GeoColouredLenses.com, I was very pleased with my previous product and their service so I decided to continue working with them. This time I wanted to get a pair of grey lenses. I think grey is the color that suits me the best, and it also gives a manlier appearance than the more cheerful colored lenses in my opinion. These lenses are as you can see a mix of black and grey, I didn't want to get to much black since that would give a "doll" effect on the eyes.

(Link to the product)

All lenses that I review are for one year disposal unless I state otherwise. And these lenses has a 15mm diamater wich gives you a nice enlargement when used. I personally prefer the 15mm lenses. And if you're curious about my natural eye color it's brown, and if you want a more accure look just click here.

These are my favorite lenses that I own, and I would very much recommend them. The shop is very easy to communicate with, they're very helpful and works fast. And for those who wonder about the packaging (seems like some people do) it was sent in a padded envelope, which I take for granted that lenses in glass vials are. Since that's how you ship things. 

As you can see the design is "spiky" with a grey inner and a black outer rim wich goes around the lenses. I personally like the ones with a black outlining the most. And from all the lenses I've tried I would say that GEO lenses are the most comfortable ones, very soft and gentle with the eye.

I decided to add a full face picture in the entry since some people seem to enjoy that.
I would really recommend these lenses and GeoColouredLenses.com to all of my readers!

Design · 5/5 | Enlargement · 5/5 | Comfort · 5/5 | Overall · 5/5

Design · Great design and a very nice use of two color (grey and black).
Enlargement · 15mm gives you great enlargement, and my personal favorite.
Comfort · Soft and very lean, no "edges" or anything that might irritate the eyes.


  1. wow, they are for sure awesome! They look great on you and I'm happy you posted a full face picture - looks great!

  2. These look awesome on you! Thanks for sharing :3

  3. These lenses look great, I love how they look worn :)The spiky design looks awesome!

  4. Oh really amazing photos sweetie!
    Now I´m following you in FB and Bloglovin´
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  5. does it work on a painted wooden closet? I would love to restyle like,this my old horrible wardrobe!please anwer me!
    large photo prints