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Monday, May 20, 2013

CXL · The return......

^ The title is a referens to a legendary Swedish metal band, guess which band?!

I've been visiting Finland for some time, and I had a little "vacation" from the blog, but as always I ended up having a way to look break haha. BUT, I'm back now! I Just plan to do some "recap"-entries and then one about a specific lens company (for those who follow me on twitter, you might know a little about it. If you don't follow me you can do it by pressing this link.)

And I have some interesting things coming up as well this summer, but more about that later. I guess this entry got a bit selca-heavy, but I hope that's OK!

^ Got grey lenses again, my favorit color!
What's your favorite lens color?

I also met the Dragonborn, he's the same height as me. Though I didn't have a rock to stand on haha. Would be pretty badass to have one of these at home right?
Have anybody played the Skyrim DLC yet? Is it any good?

Brand new copy of Dead Space 2 for only €7! That's a fair price.
I've actually bought a lot of games recently, have you gotten any new games lately? Or anything that you would recommend?

I also went to a fast food & café expo. 
I tried some new chips that will be launched later, a perfect spot for a chips connoisseur like me.

And this was the free sample I manage to get a hold of! "The more food I grab the more money I save" hahaha.

Due to the wide angle I look a bit weird. But this is my new coat, I love it! It's kinda similar to the one Kyo wears, tho his jacket is from THE VIRIDI-ANNE. It's of course black, but I wanted to ~cool filter~ on my picture.


I also watched "This is England" again and it's two TV-series, brillant work. For anybody who hasn't seen it I can really recommend it.

And one of the days I was a model for Jopo (who studies make-up). It was a really nice day! And a photo of me reading some interesting literature at Stockmann...

Got photobombed by some girl I've never met before........
(Who was she?!)

I found my favorite beer at Stockmann, I've never seen it in stores before. (In Sweden you have to make a special order) I was so happy I could cry, it's tequila flavored beer, but it doesn't really taste like tequila nor beer haha. If you haven't tried it you really should!

I also went to heaven as you can see on the picture above.

I spent some time with my role model and hero Arino too, a very wise man.

Traditional Finnish cooking, piroger.

Bye for now, see you again soon!

Do any of you guys have some exciting summer plans?