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Monday, June 3, 2013

CXLI · Spring of 2013 vol. I

For some reason the image quality is shit, 
but if you click on the pictures the quality is back to normal.

I'm still recapping the spring of 2013, but there's only one entry left about recapping after this! 
And then I'll be back on schedule again. And I have some nice surprises that will "increase the quality" of my blog I believe! 

I bought some new video games, (well, the MGS collection is actually Patrik's), I hadn't played Dead Space 2 or Fallout: New Vegas when I took the picture, but I've finished them now haha. I would recommend both games. I think they're superior to Dead Space and Fallout 3. 

And on the right picture there's some gifts I got from Patrik when he got back from Japan. And the necklace is a gift from Andrei, WTFISD "occult cross necklace".

Just me, casually swagging around.

A typical meal at Grys HQ.

Me and Patrik, photo by Andrei.

Hair saloon and bar.

BatAAr had a live, and there was even a fan from Germany there just to see them!
If you haven't checked out their latest music video / PV you can do it below.


I worked together with BatAAr during the PV shoot as well last fall. I did a little bit of everything, some of the clothing and hairstyles. And I also helped with the "stage" that was actually green at first. (Which is now the white background in the PV). It was a lot of hard work but I think it worked out great! I also remember the set being extremely hot due to the amount of people working and the closed doors.
And if you haven't done it yet you can always like them on Facebook !

Some night at YAKI-DA, it was really dark so I didn't take as many pictures. Crowded too, this was just at one of the bars. They have four floors I believe. it's a really nice place!

My friends in "Knight of Hangover" had a live for the first time in.. A long time. So of course I had to go and support my locals!

Things you can have on a wall.

Since YOHIO was in town I decided to go and see Nicole. I'm not really a fan of YOHIO's music. 
For some reason people thought I was SEIKE, I have no idea why. We don't even look look a like, maybe because my surgical mask was covering half of my face? I don't have any facial piercings. 

W/ Nicole!
For some reason people thought I was SEIKE, I have no idea why. We don't even look look a like, maybe becuase my surgical mask was covering half of my face? I don't have any facial piercings. 


  1. Wat. Drinking while getting your hair done is amazing - I didn't know it had gone comerical though, that's fun.

    Always makes you more accepting of the end result.

    Your gold sneakers are sick, where did you get them?!
    I have gold sneakers but I ruind them over the last 5 years of walking and now I need new ones...

    1. Haha, well, the drinking and getting the hair done isn't a "real thing", but when I'm in charge it is..!

      I actually got them from a friend last year, since he never used them so they're pretty old. probably five-sex years old or so. So I don't really know where to get a pair, but there's probably some cool ones on ebay!

    2. Awww damn. My dream is to find super hi-top gold sneakers with black soles and laces.

      I can dream.

      It is also my policy to drink while doing people's hair. They never seem to mind...

  2. Thx to you. Now Bataar are having another fan from germany :D