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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CXLIII · Finally, a camera.

I just wanted to reply and say thank you to all of you who mentioned things to see in Paris, unfortunately I couldn't see so much of it. I will explain it in the next entry why!

As I mentioned earlier I have bought my first camera, since I haven't really done any photography before and I wanted to get something that's pretty small but still able to take good pictures I went with a Panasonic Lumix LX7, what made me get it was that it's pretty small (thus making me bring it with me, I didn't want a huge DSLR camera since it would probably lay at home all the time). And the LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens gives me 24 - 90 mm (35mm equiv.) and f/1.4-2.3 which is really nice for a (big) pocket sized compact camera.

But keep in mind that I'm a beginner, so the pictures might not be super, but better than my iPhone 4 ones right? Haha. I shoot everything in RAW (for obvious choices) and I set everything manually, except for the focus since auto-focus are really good now days so the manual focus is just a waste of time and takes a lot of time. Especially when you just want to take everyday snapshots.

Centralstation in Gothenburg.

Found a bird on the street.


I went to meet up with my partner in crime, Patrik, this is the first time I¨ve seen him since he got back from Japan. (ironically the previous time we met was also after he got back from Japan)


There's no need for a mouse pad when you use a magic mouse, but a little wrist support is always nice!

The main musical influence AnCafe is on the wall.

I went to Art Clinic to do some plastic surgery consulting, I told them that I'll be away a lot during the summer so they'll call me at the end of summer and we can get some time to schedule my upcoming surgery. Life in plastic is fantastic, or so I've heard..!

Dehner just got of the plane from Milan. She had some model work there that she did over the weekend and we went to grab a "fika" (The Swedish word "fika" doesn't need an explanation right?) 
Patrik went a long too, but he sat next to me so I didn't get a good picture haha.

Jonas (and Simon BatAAr) also joined, haven't seen Jonas in a while either. 

Me and Patrik were invited to a little BBQ, (which automatically means grilled meat and booze),
some of the pictures are shittier than others since not all of the turned out good, but I figured what the hell and decided to include some of them in the entry anyway. (For those who have me on Facebook will probably notice some pictures here that aren't in the FB album haha)

 I also got the app Vine in January, so if you haven't followed me there yet you can just search for "VINUSHKA" and you'll find me!

Live long and prosper

> :C x < :C

Later that night I also ran into an old friend, Elsa on the tram. Haven't seen/talked to her in a long time. The world is such a small place haha.

And these are my gifts from Patrik that he brought back from Japan, big thanks!
So, what do you think, did my blog "quality" increase with some "real" pictures for a change?

In the next entry I'll cover Stockholm (!) and Paris..!


  1. what kind of surgery are you planning into doing?

  2. If you're getting surgery for your face, prepare for the miserable (max.) first week. I knew it would be awful but I never understood until experienced it, I don't know really how to describe it but it's going to be simply awful.

  3. The quality is so high I might faint.