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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Paris 13th June

I will be seeing DIR EN GREY in Paris next week. I have two tickets and I want to sell one if them, if you're interested feel free to contact me at DavyGrayson@gmail.com, selling it for €25. And yes, I will attend the Paris show. I just have an extra ticket, that I want to get rid of.

Is anybody else seeing DIR EN GREY in Paris?

I'm curious to know what church/es that sell those blue Virgin Mary pendants, I know Kyo bought his somewhere in Paris from a church. But that's all I know, so if you know where they sell something similar like that I would love to know.

And since it's my first time in Paris (haven't even been to France before), any cool places I should visit? It doesn't have to be a tourist spot, it can be anything, some cool store, a nice restaurant or anything like that! So if there's some followers from France, please give me some tips on some cool places to visit!

And if you happen to see me feel free to say "hi", I hate when people tell me that they saw me but didn't say anything haha.

DavyGrayson@gmail.com | €25


  1. Hello~

    I will be there too. I go to both concerts. Since you don't like it if someone tells you later that they saw you... I tell it now: Maybe I will see you but I am way too shy to say hello ^^

    If you're under 26 a lot of things are for free in Paris. Like Louvre, Tours de la cathédrale Notre -Dame, Sainte-Chapelle and a lot more. So maybe you like to visit some of these things?

    I sadly don't know where Kyo bought his necklace but I will visit some churches in Paris. If I find it (or something similar), I will message you through Twitter or e-mail.
    I stay in Paris from 12th to 16th.

    The concert will be great... it's Dir en grey - so that's for sure! I wish you a great time in Paris~

  2. Wish you a lot of fun in Paris and also with the Dir en grey concert.
    I´m going to see them 2 days earlier in Cologne :)

  3. How about Madame Tussauds, the famous Wax museum?
    Haven't ever been to the one in Paris but I guess it's worth going in. :3

  4. Hi Davy ! As a french reader, maybe i can help for your trip in Paris !
    Well, i don't really were the Dir en Grey concert takes place, so maybe the places you could visit may be a little far from it, but anyway...
    - if you wanna read/buy japanese magazines, artbooks, mangas, etc... there is Junkundo -a japanese library- 18 Rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris (station Pyramides, métro 14)
    - there is few gothic/lolita shops rue Kléber 75 011 Paris (station Bastille, métro 1) : it's a little street and there's only few shops in there, and tbh, it's been awhile since i've gone there, but if you hang around near this place, you could take a look on there ;-)
    - if you wanna eat some REAL japanese food, there is plenty of japanese restaurants rue Sainte Anne 75001 Paris (station Pyramides, métro 14 <- it's really near Junkudo actually) : they serve cheap but very tasteful hot meals such as ramen, okonomiyaki, and some 'original' japanese food which change from traditionnal sushis...
    There is of course plenty of other beautiful places here in Paris, such as the Eifel tower, les Champs-Elysées, le Jardin des Tuileries, etc etc, buti guess you already know them ;-)
    I just thought i'd be interesting for you to discover some more unknown places, related to Japanese culture given that you come to see Dir en Grey! =)

    About Kyo's pendant : well, i don't think he REALLY bought them in a church because...it's forbidden to sell anything in church !xD (at least, in France), but if you wanna buy somme religious pendants or any jewels like this, maybe you should go to Montmartre. There is the beautiful Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre (= some kind of church) which is itself a very touristic place. But there is also a bunch of little shops around this place, so maybe you'll find out som religious stuff on there, but i'm not very sure of it though :/ Beware : this is a VERY touristic place and there's always a lot of tourists there ! Plus, Montmartre is next to Barbès, a VERY risky district in Paris ; so i recommend you to take the métro 2 and get out at the station Anvers to come to Montmartre in a quite safe way (but you won't get rid of the tourists though, héhé )

    I hope you'll enjoy your trip in my country and have a great concert too !! ='D