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Thursday, July 25, 2013


For those who follow my twitter, instagram and has me on Facebook you probably know that I've been on vacation and that's why I haven't been updating. So make sure to follow for more real time updates!
This entry will be pretty picture heavy, since I wanted to fit it all into one entry. The pictures might appear a bit compressed, so please click on them to see them in better quality!


As some of you might know there was a flight strike in France between for three days, and I've never been to France before, but of course it had to happen on the dates when I was flying. So my flight was cancelled form Gothenburg, and naturally I panicked, I was looking for flights to London, to take the train to paris, flights from Oslo, Luxemburg, Frankfurt even planes that went from Moscov but luckily I found a flight on Thursday morning (same day as DIR EN GREY's show) from Stockholm, so I picked that one.

Originally my trip would've been about one hour to the airport and straight to Paris the day before. Instead I had to go with a train for three-four hours to Stockholm and spend the whole Wednesday there until my plane left around 06 on Thursday. And I "only" had to pay about €150 because of the strike. Pissed of course, but it was DIR EN GREY so cancelling wasn't an option.


I travelled very light since I was flying with RyanAir, only a handbag with necessary items and an extra hoodie in case.

Selca lol, and the obvious song choice for this trip!

I arrived in Stockholm around 16, I had a "fika" with Karo and later I went to pay Andrei a visit and just hang out for a few hours.


Later on I went to hang out with Sofia and have a few drinks, we haven't hung out since last year so it was about time. I also used an app so I wouldn't get lost. Funny thing though - It pointed me in the opposite direction so I was lost as fuck.

BUT, finally I met her a a few of her friends. Had a little chat and some drinks, good times.

Two-man party in Kungsträdgården!

After some exhausting waiting with little sleep and food I finally arrived in Paris at the hostel around 11 AM.

We got wine but no opener, we found a screw and a fork though! (it didn't work, we went and bought a corkscrew later)

It was rainy and awful all day, we just went to check out Chrome Hearts and accidentally I spotted this, which was nice since I didn't see it for the rest of the trip.

Room mates Yumika & Carin.

I went inside and sat in the back of the venue until they came up, I manage to get to third-fourth row right in the middle in front of 京 so I was very satisfied! The setlist was great, I'll mark some of my personal favorites, and I can assure you that manly tears were shed. (This does of course not mean that I didn't enjoy the other songs, everything was great, but this is more of a 'if I have to pick')

Personally it was the best show I've ever been to, and DIR EN GREY seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot too, 京 smiled a lot so you could really see on his face that he was happy about the show, he even said so on their official Facebook page. 

"Today, being away from Japan, I personally was able to really express myself. See you again.
 -Kyo, 13.06.2013, Paris"


SE 狂骨の鳴り

M5 輪郭 •

M9 罪と罰 
M10 かすみ • 

M11 霧と繭
M12 Unraveling
M13 冷血なりせば
M14 朔-saku- •

E2  羅刹国  
E3 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 •

We had to stop a few times because fans wanted to get a picture taken with Patrik.

Creepy neighbourhood. 

Patrik & Carin
Dinner at 01AM.

Tried escargot for the first time, loved it!

Frog legs, tastes a bit like chicken but had a "fishy" texture, good but nothing special.

"If you smoke you become gay and can't have sex with women"

Night stroll



View from our hostel, a five minute walk from the venue.

I stayed in Paris less than 30 hours

I had to hurry back home because I was going to fly two days later.

The merchandise was awful, except for the re-coloring of a Japanese shirt they had during the Japanese TABULA RASA-tour, and I got a tote bag as well. Everything else was really boring.

And in the next entry I'll start writing about my other trip, I just wanted to apologise to the people who wanted to get in touch with me when I was in Paris. I only had WiFi at my hostel so that's why I was hard to get a hold of. And one girl said she read my blog, sadly it was after the show and I was a total wreck haha. But it's always nice when people come up and say such things. Very much appreciated!

I hope to see some more people on further shows, did anybody else spot me / saw DIR EN GREY in Paris?