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Friday, August 9, 2013

CXLV • Thailand I

This years "main trip" was to Thailand, haven't been there in many many years so it was about time I go visit again. Have any of you guys been to Thailand?

The first flight was about less than one and half hour, to Helsinki for a change.

Then there was a ten hour flight to Bangkok, my screen was fucking around a bit...

But luckily I brought some quality entertainment of my own!
(can somebody guess which live DVD this is?)

Airplane food, not the best food I had. But better than starving lol.

"Here you can choose if you want to crash in the water or land"

Arrived in Bangkok! So here's a little selca (lol), also traveling outfit. And yes, it was warm.

Bad ass guy on the highway, just look at his shirt.

A common sign in Thailand, good fruit though.

Siam Paragon, my favorite shopping center. If you're going to BKK I can strongly recommend it, the shopping complex is a ten storey behemoth that has over 270 stores/services, south east Asias biggest aquarium at the bottom and a multiplex movie theatre at the top (including IMAX!), and there's also bowling alleys, karaoke, gym, art galleries among other things. And of course a lot of restaurants. 

The main floor has a lot of world known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, HÈRMES, Dior, Prada, Giorgi Armani, Cartier, Bvlgari just to mention a few. But there's of course cheaper shopping as well. It's one of those places that has everything. One of my favorite places in BKK, very easy to get there as well. Just take the BTS to Siam.

There was always a line outside of Luis Vuitton haha.

One of the many restaurants, a lot of beautiful places with food from all around the world. 

Siam Paragon lies next to Siam Center and Siam Discovery (other shopping malls under the same group) and next to Siam Discovery was MBK, a very popular "tourist shopping mall", a place where you get get a lot of great deals. But it's usually best to try things out before buying them since there's no refund or return. 

But they have a few chain stores as well, which might be a bit more pricy but then you know you get the real deal. I bought a a steelbook edition of "The Last of Us" there, it was about ~ $60 / €45 which is a great price for a brand new (special edition) game. back in Sweden it's probably about .. Maybe $110 / €80 for the same game. And the PS3 isn't region locked so you can by games from all over the world! 

And as you might notice, all stores aren't selling legit things hahah


"Why didn't they use Shindong instead?"

Lady Gaga's heartbeats (beats by dr.dre) - Best ear phones I've ever had!
 Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet - Finally a real wallet, haha, about time!


  1. The Siam Paragon sounds really cool! I would love to visit a super mall. Do you think Bangkok is a good place to visit for those who only speak English?

    1. Yes, Bangkok is a huge tourist attraction, not many people speak English BUT, they know enough for "shopping purposes" and people working in shopping malls (maybe not cleaning staff, but in stores) knows English.
      So only knowing English isn't a problem, and traveling is really easy too. It's usually faster to go with Skytrain or metro than taxo/car. (If you're lucky you might get where you're going in ten minutes, but if you're unlucky you might be stuck for two hours. Depending on traffic)

  2. The interior design of that restaurant looked absolutely beautiful.
    Oh wow, I just can't believe it.
    I would probably be lost in place if I could buy some PS games there, ahahaha.

    Glad you made it to Thailand safe, man.
    I've never been to Thailand—or out of the country.
    If I ever can, I'll probably be hitting Norway first.

  3. ÅÅHHH vill också ha de där hörlurarna ♥ Snygga OCH bra o_o

  4. Nice pictures :) I've never tried durian but I heard it smells bad and wonder if it tastes bad too??