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Thursday, March 13, 2014

CXLVII • Thailand III

urban jungle

Oh, yea, I went to a hairdresser! You might have noticed on my previous entries (if you payed attention) that there's some continuity errors. I should've posed this earlier since I have cut hair in the previous entry too haha. 

They offered water (and juice) for those waiting. Weird thing is that they only have drop-in (!) there was no booking? Which I found really odd..

Forced selca, I rarely take pictures of myself. Maybe 5% of all the pictures are selcas. But I understand that my blog gets more boring if they're lacking, so I'll try to add some in every entry. So, hows the short hair? (I look better overexposed lol!)

The breakfast buffé gets kinda boring after a while.. There's a lot to eat from but I (as you already know) eat of everything all the time haha!

I felt like making a (terrible) yaoi joke.

All hail the queen!

I used to take a cab at first, but due to the traffic it might take you ten minutes or an hour to get somewhere. So after a while I decided to take the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transsit System) and go by metro or sky train. It gets you around much faster!

This is what typical tourists do for some reason, especially Swedes. Not sure if they're Swedes but they looked like it. They just sit at some "bar" and drink their drinks out of buckets? I've never understood that way of "vacation" lol. But then again I see a lot of people just laying on the beach with a book too on their vacations. Reading is nice, but you're on vacation? I prefer to explore over just laying on the beach. Feels like I'm wasting my time if I would do so haha. (I can't be the only one that thinks like this, right?

Saw a K-pop dance competition outside a shopping mall, a lot of talented dancers. Mainly boys actually, it was really cool!

EXO cover group

They had birds without a cage inside a shopping mall? I have no idea how the birds were so calm and stayed at the same place...

>Pizza by Mr.Burger

Pizza Hut is really cheap in Thailand, God bless! (No, no Mr.Burger pizza for me haha)

Spent a lot of time at this place.

MOS Burger, had a salad. (And burgers too, but the salad picture turned out the best lmao)
It's a Japanese food chain that serves really nice and fresh food. Feels really different from other chains like McDonald's.

I've always wanted to see a movie in IMAX, but more about that later..!

It was probably like 150cm or something, too bad it wasn't for sale.

Swedish "fika" !

Pretty cool store!

What I usually ate, pad thai!

Did some shopping ofc!

One of my favorite buys!

(I also noticed that the quality of some photos are really bad. This is probably because I re-used some .JPGs that was uploaded to Facebook. I'll do it properly next time so this won't happen again. Take care!)


  1. MOON PLUSH!!! Omg I want that haha :D:D

  2. poor birds were probably drugged. :C they do that a lot in thailand.