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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CXLIX • Thailand V

Slow and steady wins the race, or something..? But I've finally come to the end of my "Thailand-series", which took an astonishing one year to complete. I'm too slow haha. But hopefully you've enjoyed it! 

At first I usually went by taxi to get around in BKK, but I decided to take the BTS (skytrain) around, which is way faster, and cheaper! It can take ten minutes or an hour to get to the same place if you take a taxi. So I would recommend doing this instead! And it's always nice and cool on the BTS.

Not as impressive as it sounds, but it was kinda cool with the smoke and moving chairs!

MOS Burger, they had some really nice and fresh burgers. It didn't feel as greasy as fast food burgers usually do.

What a name, haha.

I also did some tourist things like visiting Siam Ocean World, a huge aquarium underneath the shopping mall Siam Paragon, really cool place!


I got all "sharked up" for the occasion! 
(I hope you like my pose)

Look at this jabroni!

I also visited the Magnum Café, here's a great example on how to take an awful picture - Fill half of the picture with the ceiling, works especially well if it's not decorated!

It was pretty.. Meh. I most certainly won't come back, haha.


Since I don't have IMAX in my country (because it sucks) I HAD to go and see a movie in IMAX.
I watch Pacific Rim (IMAX 3D) on the premier, I didn't know anything about the movie before I went to see it actually, but I saw it and it was amazing. The movie itself was pretty good and the IMAX made it so much more epic, epic is the right word for it.

I wanted seats in the middle of the theater but I had to settle for the ones in the back, which also happened to be the most expensive seats, but they were great. Look at it! It's like a sofa, and you get blankets too, and your own "table" and cup holder. Great seats.

And the screen, goddamn, it's the biggest screen I've ever seen. And you didn't get 3D-glasses, you got a 3D-visor. I've never cared for 3D movies because I've always felt that the technique wasn't good enough yet. But this was an amazing experience, not to mention the 12 000 watt sound system, amazing. If you have an IMAX theater close by you should definitely try it out!

Gyoza and ramen!

My seat, the V.I.P table!

BBQ! All you can eat buffé, but if you don't eat it all within an hour you have to pay for all the things separately, great concept and a good way to not let any food go to waste. I tried a lot of different meats, I had things like turtle! Never had it before, pretty good actually.

Monster Hunter and Once Piece at UNIQLO

Having a "fika" with Bong.

And some lunch with Bong.

Some last day shopping, I got a pair of chinos from Forever 21 and a BB cream from ÉTUDE HOUSE. (Wrinkle reduction, SPF45/PA+++ and skin whitening.)

I didn't buy it, but there was an interesting cook book...

 And after a month it was time to leave, sad day.

And here's one of my favorite items from my trip!


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