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Thursday, December 11, 2014

CLII • Närcon II

As always I've been very busy, even more busy than I use to be. I haven't had a day off since.. I can't even remember? That busy. But anyway, here's the second part of my NärCon visit. Since I took a lot of pictures I decided to make it into two entries. 

How to train a dragon feat Marcus!

E, J & O

I went on a successful Idol hunt.

J & K
I should've gotten a scooter, there was about a ten minute walk between buildings so it would've been nice, the more you know. Maybe next time!

Group photo.
O, M, J
J, K, C, C, E

And as always I pretty much only took photos of friends since it's harder to take pictures of strangers, but they're cute so it's alright!

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