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Thursday, November 12, 2015

CLIII • 2013 - A summary

Hello Darkness my old friend.. 
Suprised, aren't you? I've come to a point where I can't promise when to update. But I want to keep blogging, but there's so much in my life right now that I barely find time to do anything except all the business that I have to take care of. I was thinking to update from today (2015-11-12) but I thought you might be interested in seeing what I've done the past two (!) years. So here's a little recap of 2013, please enjoy.

Here's a picture of my home, where I grew up and used to live. There's a lot of memories from this place - Good and bad. But my home will always be my home.

Boys of Summer. Simon & Tobias. 
Swedish summer is the best day of the year (Swedish joke, since it usually rains all summer people refer to summer as one single day when the weather is nice.)

If you're ever in Gothenburg I would recommend this club! It's the only place I go to (since I rarely go out) BatAAr and friends are always on the V-VIP list, so maybe that's why I go? I don't feel like standing in line haha.

Just another night, manage to lit up the tray as well.. Be careful!

If people ever wondered how me and Patrik lives... Here it is.

Think about Death

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